Zi Wang

Zi Wang is a talented young lady pursuing her Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technoloy. She works with the Learning and Intelligent Systems Group at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Under the guidance of Prof. Stefanie Jegelka, Prof. Leslie Pack Kaelbling, and Prof. Tomás Lozano-Pérez, Zi is working on exciting projects on active learning and Bayesian optimization with an ultimate goal of embedding the learning abilities in robots that help with household chores. Before the Ph.D. training, Zi received her B. Eng. in Computer Science and Technology from Tsinghua University, working with her undergraduate mentors, Prof. Fei Sha and Prof. Jun Zhu.

Yuliang Leon Sun

Leon Sun has two dreams, both dedicated to saving people’s lives. One is to become a doctor and the other is to become a researcher. “Doctors can help thousands of patients directly, while my research may indirectly help millions”, says Leon. He is currently working towards achieving both dreams to become a physician scientist through the rigorous training in the MD-PhD program at Boston University School of Medicine. Along his journey, Leon found a role model, Prof. Darrell Kotton, and they are working together to cure childhood interstitial lung disease in stem cell derived type II pneumocytes. Before that, Leon graduated with honor from University of Wisconsin-Madison with his B.S. in Biochemistry, mentored by Prof. Aaron Hoskins.